Letter from the Editor

The International Journal of Computers and Their Applications is currently published four times a year (March, June, September and December), with the purpose of providing a forum for state-of-the-art developments and research in the theory and design of computers as well as current innovative activities in the applications of computers. In contrast to other journals, this journal encourages contributions in real world applications of emerging computer technology, as well as advances in theoretical areas. Current topics of interest include, but are not limited to: architecture, networks, intelligent systems, parallel and distributed computing, software and information engineering, and computer applications (e.g., engineering, medicine, business, education, etc.).

The encouragement of applied contributions means that papers dealing with innovative applications of computing technology, or ones that may clarify how new theoretical results may be effectively used in real problems, are of interest. Theoretical papers are also welcome, and are expected to include examples, case studies, etc., to illustrate the applicability of the theory. All papers are subject to thorough peer review before selection. The key criterion in the review process, as in other journals, is whether the paper contains a contribution to the computing area which the Editorial Board feels is sufficient to be of significant interest to the current/future computing research and application domains.

We have established a panel of Associate Editors .   This group of editors brings a substantial background and experience to the reviewing and journal development processes. An important goal of the editors is to control/minimize the time delay between paper submission and publication, without compromising the reviewing process. This is promoted through carefully defined reviewing procedures and the use of electronic communications between participants. We look forward to the challenge of maintaining this property as the journal activities grow.

Further information on the requirements/directions for paper submission, as well as information on past journal papers, and ordering journal copies and subscriptions is provided through the links to other pages.

Frederick C. Harris, Jr.

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